I started the music blog Color & Rhyme as a platform for creatives to share music they love and give independent artists well-deserved attention. As the blog grew, I began thinking about how music could be shared in more engaging ways.




  • Bring attention to underrepresented musicians

  • Build a team of creative people who love to share good music

  • Make content that’s original, careful and memorable




When I started C&R in 2016, and I was looking for a way to create something that merged my interests in music, photography and storytelling. What I quickly realized in the first year was that there exist many challenges with starting a media platform other than just making the content.

Getting a team together was the first piece of the puzzle, and so I took a page out of the Brockhampton handbook and made a thread on my favorite fan forum at the time.

Building C&R took me to a lot of unexpected, sometimes scary, but ultimately extremely fulfilling places. I never thought I’d be Ubering to a recording studio to shoot my first artist interview with the help of a friend I’d just met on a Kanye fan forum. Moments like these served as constant affirmations of the things I loved to do and brought along lessons that came in handy as I tried to carve out exactly what I wanted the platform to be.

Splitting my time between recruiting writers, managing socials and writing daily posts proved to be a lot to handle. After this past summer, I looked at the work we’d done with C&R and decided to think back to the original challenges we’d set out to conquer. This step back let me think about how else we could bring attention to music that we love in a format that’s more engaging. It’s a challenge we’re still working through, and I’m interested in any experience that could help us figure it out.



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